Web Development

With the advent of the Internet there has been a paradigm shift in marketing media. It is not only our greatest challenge but also our greatest pleasure to be a part in this new media realm by combining graphics design, computer programming skills, technical expertise, marketing research, and advertising talent. We use this creative synergy to help our clients succeed on the web.

At Mantra Solutions "Aesthetics" is an instrument to effectively communicate your products, services, or messages. 100 % satisfaction of our clients with the "look and feel" of their site. Mantra Solutions believes that the your web site/CD Rom should be:

Aesthetically pleasing - the web site/CD Rom should be attractive, eye-catching, unique, and homogeneous with your products, services, or messages.

Informative - the web site should convey, in easy-to-understand terms, information about your products, services, or messages.

Functional - the web site should give the visitor the means of contacting you, requesting more information from you; submitting feedback about your site or your products, services, or messages; or ordering your products or services.

Easy to Navigate - the web site should be accessible to both novice and expert visitors and should allow them to move within the site in an efficient and intuitive manner.

Interactive Multimedia

Over the years we have combined our knowledge of the Internet with CD-ROM based presentations. We provide our clients with everything from on-site and studio video shoots to editing, effects and processing into digital format for use in any type of projects.

Our staff includes designer with more than 5 years experience. Just ask us and we will help you understand what is possible, what works best, and what you might wish to steer clear of.


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Well to start with how we do business: Mantra Solutions produces media solutions that meet our clients needs. We understand that the goals and requirements of each project is unique, consequently, we never try and fit things into a template.

Then there is our team: our graphic designers are an experienced lot, who understand the digital medium and are able to combine with our techno-gurus to create top notch site's & media solutions. We try and understand from you, what you really want and need the web site to accomplish and then use the graphics and technology required to reach there.

While other companies might deliver your site and move on, we pride ourselves in staying with our existing clients, offering them ongoing and comprehensive maintenance service.

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